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Aban 41 AnniAchille Lauro  30 AnniAnastasio 22 AnniAmir  40 AnniAxos 30 AnniBaby K 37 AnniBassi Maestro 47 AnniBeba 25 AnniBlue Virus  31 AnniBriga 31 AnniCaparezza  47 AnniCapo Plaza 22 AnniCaneSecco 34 AnniChadia 21 AnniCharlie Charles 26 AnniChicoria  41 AnniClaver Gold 34 AnniClementino 36 AnniCoez  35 AnniComagatte 28 AnniCranio Randagio 25 Anni (2016 R.I.P)Cromo 21 AnniDani Faiv 27 AnniDanno 45 AnniDargen D’Amico 40 AnniDark Side 26 AnniDoll Kill 24 AnniDon Joe 45 AnniDrefGold 22 AnniDuke Montana 45 AnniE Green 34 AnniEmis Killa 31 AnniEn?gma 32 AnniEnsi  35 AnniEnzo Dong 29 AnniEr Costa 38 AnniErnia  27 AnniEsa 48 AnniEva Rea 27 Anni, Fabri Fibra  44 AnniFedez 31 AnniFishball 25 AnniFrankie Hi-Nrg  51 AnniFred De Palma 31 AnniFritz Da Cat 45 AnniGallagher 26 AnniGel 42 AnniGemitaiz  32 AnniGhali  27 AnniGhemon  38 AnniGiaime  25 AnniGionny Scandal 28 AnniGuè Pequeno  40 AnniHighSnob 33 AnniHyst 45 AnniIl Turco  43 AnniInoki  41 AnniIrama 24 anniIzi 24 AnniJ-Ax  48 AnniJake La Furia  41 AnniJack The Smoker 38 AnniJamil  29 AnniJefeo 20 AnniJesto  36 AnniJoe Cassano 27 Anni (1999) R.IPJhonny Marsiglia 34 AnniJunior Cally 29 AnniKaos One 49 AnniKetama126 28 AnniKiave 39 AnniLanz Khan 29 AnniLazza  27 AnniLow Low  27 AnniLuchè 39 AnniLucci  36 AnniLuna 18 Anni, Madame 18 AnniMadman 32 AnniMahmood 27 AnniMarracash 41 AnniMecna  33 AnniMezzoSangue  29 AnniMistaman  44 AnniMixer T 30 AnniMiss Simpatia 34 AnniMondo Marcio  34 AnniMostro 28 AnniMurubutu 45 AnniNerone  29 AnniNesli 40 AnniNex Cassel  41 AnniNayt  25 AnniNight Skinny 37 AnniNigga Dium 32 AnniNitro 27 AnniNoyz Narcos 41 AnniNtò  38 Anni, Peppe Soks 22 AnniPiotta 47 AnniPlant 21 AnniPyrex 26 AnniPrimo Brown 39 (2015 R.I.P)Quentin40 24 AnniRaige  35 AnniRancore  31 AnniRasy Kilo 32 AnniRayden  37 AnniRkomi  26 AnniRocco Hunt 26 AnniRondo Da Sosa 18 AnniSalmo 36 AnniSick Luke 26 AnniSercho 27 AnniSfera Ebbasta  28 AnniShade 33 AnniSick Luke  26 Anni AnniTony Effe 28 AnniTormento 45 AnniTedua  26 AnniTraffik 25 AnniTredici Pietro 22 AnniUltimo 24 AnniWayne Santana 29 AnniVacca 41 AnniVincenzo da Via Anfossi  48 AnniVegas Jones  26 AnniVictor Hugo Nico 22 AnniYoung Sac 26 AnniYoung Signorino 22 AnniZano Mind 22 AnniZoda 24 Anni, Infine speriamo che l’articolo con la verà età dei rapper italiani vi sia stato utile.Leggi anche questo articolo inerente ai nomi: I VERI NOMI DI TUTTI I RAPPER. It was Minho who caught much of my attention, but I also like Kyuhun and Suho. Taemin is quite considerably shorter than Minho irl…he’s not a particularly tall guy. Your help is very much appreciated! It may have been a reaction that his body had, but I wasn’t sure because I didn’t think that was true :/. Thanks a lot! He just wants to be. Twitter: @skehehdanfdldi Album Dove gli occhi non arrivano de Rkomi : écouter en streaming et télécharger en MP3. Blood Type: B Key, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7983277bd1963f458aeaefc5626837f1a0a4c4a39d4863eaad901135f89994ad.jpg – He was born in Seoul, South Korea. Quiz: Can you guess the SHINee MV screenshot? he is very talented, and has his own charm. Home; Shows; Activism; Contact; Merch; Music; iTunes; © 2020 Macklemore Site by RECCENTERRECCENTER I followed Instagram of Onew, Jonghyun and Key but Minho and Taemin has no social media account, i hope they make in the future. Position: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Maknae – Taemin’s on the show “Why Not The Dancer?“, where his nickname is Taem. Poll: What Is Your Favorite NCT2020 MAMA Performance. He still is a member after all ♡ You’re so humble and fun-loving to your group. People with mental illnesses usually tend to hide their actual emotions inside, and they hide them very well behind a smile, so, you shouldn’t assume anyone is happy until you fully know them. , @evangelinedare:disqus Thanks a lot for the additional info, it’s much appreciated! Thank you for the update! – He trained since 2006 S.M. What I meant by my comment was that the way he had chosen to kill himself would not have been painful. They are not officially disbanded but rather on hiatus until their service is complete. We will miss you so so much, but I hope you will find peace and happiness in the place you are right now. idk how to submit a change to the profiles, but Taemin is actually 183 cm. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6lE0AJzOb-I. Kpop – Who wore it better? As long as it fits that girl. I feel like after they came back as 4 members the positions have changed a fair bit. https://youtu.be/cV1BgiR-sSE. Theirs quite a good amount of photos/videos of Jonghyun and Yeri. – Taemin also has a tendency to loose things, which was the butt of many of SHINee’s jokes. – Has phobia of heights. , @exo_got7_kpop:disqus Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! Thank you! – He can play the piano. – His nicknames are Bling Bling Jonghyun, Dino. – In SHINee he’s the 2nd in terms of how easy he cries. I think you should change Jonghyun s photo with that one. Billie Eilish performing live at The Hi-Hat in August 2017 (Justin Higuchi / Flickr / CC BY-2.0) Best Known For. Écoutez 48h de Izi Feat. – He was born in Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. And he is my dream ❤❤❤❤❤❤, None of the SHINee members can speak Mandarin. – He is afraid of bugs. Join The Mailing List. Theres’s actually a pretty big height difference between him and Minho, you can really tell in their recent photos: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ccf5b176f5cd5d4f0bfd65115ad829de16622779a902a3ecc23e8693751e80f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3741b17126e2d25c09853ebf4e3bb44f524801328b168f1dd7e37ab5ca602538.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a8a49b5f35c949300de2fb18456cf5d1d099313fba79cdc9367d0e9b3d299ea1.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ea4b79ac5697ff1464f6feae94f0d7af62e1678469e1e16c537491cc713e16d.jpg. Goodbye and Goodnight, Kim Jong-hyun. I like girls that show their cute side and flirt a lot.” Show more Onew fun facts…, Key Jonghyun has a game named after him called “Jonghyun’s Game”. Keep shining SHinee! Show more Key fun facts…, Minho @sabrinaketchum:disqus You will always be remembered for your hard work love you. – onew’s official color is green and his official fan name is “MVPs” because of his line in replay “Noona you’re my MVP”, – key started calling jonghyun “jjong” a long time ago, and now a lot of fans call him that too I don’t know how he’s that much. – Key’s ideal type: “It changes often, but lately the type I like is a mysterious woman who, after getting to know her better, is actually well-read and knowledgeable.” FIN CUMÒ È IL TITOLO DEL PRIMO DISCO DI DJ TUBET, EVILNESS PUBBLICA “NIENTE” IL SUO NUOVO SINGOLO, AVENGELIVED: IL NUOVO BRAND CHE STA SPOPOLANDO, DIEGO RITORNA CON IL NUOVO SINGOLO “BANDO”, CHI È ERIS GACHA? my vote now goes for him. – Minho’s official color is orange and his fans are called “flames” which comes from his title “Flaming charisma Minho”. They are called Commes Des and Garçon. Me too, hun. Key always jokes that he’s the visual but he’s not. Kpop Boy Group Profiles wait? Album Apnea de Rkomi : écouter en streaming et télécharger en MP3. (I’m so sad. Give me a break and stop embarrassing yourself. Possibly, i mean i obviously don’t know his height for sure but i was just comparing him to the rest of the boys. – he has written quite a few songs, but outside of sm he haz written: “gloomy clock” by iu; “red candle” by son dambi; “no more” by lim kim; “breathe” by lee hi Birth Name: Kim Jong Hyun (김종현) – Minho’s ideal type: “I like it when a girl pushes her hair our of her face by tucking her hair over her ear while she is working hard on something. ‘On May 22, 2008, the group’s first EP, Replay, was released, which debuted at number ten on the Korean music charts and peaked at number eight, selling 17,957 copies in the first half of 2008. – Jonghyun dated actress Shin Se-kyung (2010-2011). Kim Jonghyun left today. Onew = 18% Jonghyun is the most sensitive among them. that’s his official height now who knows if that is really his real height….. kpop idols often increase their height on official profiles…. . – Will tend to talk at a really fast speed when he gets nervous, but because he talks a lot usually, nobody ever notices that habit of his. SHINee debuted on May 25, 2008, under S.M. – Taemin’s ideal type: “I like someone that is consistent and true. Onew had a vocal polyps which was surgically removed mid 2015 which caused him to lose his voice for a while. . We’re proud of you. – He speaks English and Japanese. – He was born in Seoul, South Korea. Anyone. – He has an older brother. …approx. Minho from shinee just went into the military April 15, 2019. but since they are 4 Onew is the main vocalist now, @jazzybebo:disqus SOURCE https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/484634bc20a9ad4fbe0d05f950307c48660cb25bb97df08b3406530cf91a37de.png. Facebook: shinee , Minho is my bias, but Key is a VERY close second , Onew played a part in the Kdrama Descendants of the Sun, Thanks for the reminder, we gave you credits in the post! Family Life. I thought Jonghyun was deleted forever but the last part made me smile. I dont want to believe the man who had helped me join such a great community had been suffering and commuted suicide. Voters in Geneva, Switzerland, have agreed to introduce a minimum wage in the canton that is the equivalent of $25 an hour — believed to be the highest in the world. Minho: 6’1″ Special: In memoriam – Jonghyun – Quiz: Can you guess the SHINee MV screenshot? RIP Jonghyun , RIP Jonghyun Hoshi From SVT Well Be Sad That His Idol Are Dead , RIP Jonghyun. I think Taemin can speak Japanese, right? @disqus_0x0hEdbPDL:disqus We also thought about saying SHINee consists of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin, but we thought we might confuse the new fans who would expect to actually see 5 members. he´s dead, so she are friend of his ghost, “Member for Eternity”… Yep, that hit hard . Thanks for the additional info! D'Orso commence à écrire ses premiers texte en 2011 à l'âge de 13 ans [3].Il débute en 2013 avec le pseudonyme Capo Plaza en référence au tag qu'il écrivait sur les murs [4]. Thanks a lot for the update, it’s much appreciated! Who is your SHINee bias? Less often, SAD causes depression in the spring or early summer. onew will enlist on december 10 Écoutez Torna Da Me de Luchè, 56,199 Shazams, disponible sur la liste de lecture Apple Music Luchè Essentials. . , not really,because center is the one that is usually in the middle of photoshoots, interviews, etc, while the FOTG is the one that is usually promoted to represent his band on TV. Before becoming a member of Bangtan Boys, he was active on the underground rap scene, and he was featured as a dancer in singer Jo Kwon's "I'm the One" music video. I guess for Jonghyun to be popular, he has to be out their more often. No, that’s center. Écoutez Che Dio Mi Benedica de Luchè, 38,184 Shazams, disponible sur les listes de lecture Apple Music Rap Italiano Replay et Luchè Essentials. Thanks for all the info! The developer fixed that issue and now the vote percentage is displayed correctly! – He is one of the Kpop idols with the most songs copyrighted under his name. Thanks a lot once again! We also thought of keeping the old OT5 picture, but there were people asking us to update this profile as we update all the rest of the profiles, with their current comeback pic. Don’t worry, you did so well. Moonbyul Facts: – She was born in Bucheon, South Korea. Lil Skinny Rapper. Durante uma entrevista o Jonghyun afirmou que todos os membros do grupo são Lead Vocalist. Birth Name: Kim Ki Bum (김기범) Please share it if you have a better one. we will miss you ,you were an amazing person a few more changes you may like to consider… A clip of Valtónyc holding up the Estelada flag, a symbol used by Catalan independence supporters. please respect those mourning jonghyuns death. Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! – His nicknames are Handy Boy Taemin, Maknae Taemin, Tae, Taememe, Dancing Machine, Taeminnie, Taem. taemin is a catholic. Privacy Policy i remember when i was a child when it was 2010 i got my first phone. Done. Blood Type: O We may have different opinions regarding positions but we respect the publicly anounced ones. in my heart. He had to retrain his singing skills due to the surgery. Stage Name: Onew (온유) – Jonghyun was also the host of a popular radio show called “JongHyun’s Blue Night” He left the show March 9 2017 due to his commitment as a SHINee member and singer/producer. , @a_elen:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated! <3, R.I.P. support them since then and support them now. Their smile and laughter are so contagious. Answer as soon as possible, the same killers of chris cornell and chester killed Jonghyun ..HE HAD PLANS FOR THE FUTURE AND WHY SUFFOCATE HIMSELF WITH SMOKE INSTEAD OF A FASTER WAY. please stay informed! Onew also speaks very good English (and once corrected an interpreter at the SMTown press conference in Singapore) He stated this in the most recent episode of Weekly Idol. #shinee_fighting. . Poll: Which is your favorite girl group debut in 2020? Poll: Which is your favorite song in ASTRO’s GATEWAY album? @liechii:disqus I HAVE TO LAUGH, Kpop Girl Group Profiles – On January 12, 2015, he had his solo debut with his first mini album, Base. Wait. He had been by bias since 2015. Because it’s not sincere to me. yes, jonghyun is the main vocal. So many of their songs used to be my feel good songs and they lifted my spirits, but now it’s just so hard for me now, that I can’t listen to them. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. , SHINee has an official instagram account http://www.instagram.com/shinee.1of1/, Perhaps you can add another profile for ToHeart? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dfea42d2e6d7fbe7fdba3c67fc1c45409d2ba3bf7fcd3c110e7a0e56f7501e37.jpg Actually Jonghyun has two sisters an older and a younger that is me but I told him i´d rather not be announced but now i kinda do I miss him so much. Key is also in a drama called “Lookout” Jjong was between 171 and 173 max. are they moving forward with smiles on their faces knowing that he’s watching over them and cheering them on? Disclaimer I’m curious as to how Jonghyun ranked in popularity ranking before his death a few months ago. MAMAMOO Fandom Name: Moomoo MAMAMOO Fan Colors: – MAMAMOO Official Accounts: Twitter: @rbw_mamamoo Official Website (Japan): mamamoo… – Minho is the SHINee member who eats the most. Height: 178 cm (5’10”) And his smile had caught my attention. I just hope that his spirit is in a happy place and that he is doing what ever he loves where ever he may be. It should be changed above to: Onew: Leader, Main vocalist He said in their recent vlive that it’s the first song he’s written entirely. My bias lovely taemin oppa. You’re disgusting. SHINEE is not even a kpop group!!! – When he was a child he dreamed of becoming a soccer player. sometimes you see his pics and be like he’s there. You are awesome! This update has deleted this info. This whole bias ranking thing gets frustrating at time but what matters is that we support five beautiful boys at the end of the day. Thank you for the comment! – He is the member who commits the most mistakes during practices. – Is not scared of the camera at all. But to be honest I only found out about SHINee because I heard he was died but when I got to know them better from old videos I started to like Jonghyun. jonghyun passed away on 17th December 2017. ummm jonghyun is technically still a member because he didn’t resign. Onew- 177 cm HI! EVERGLOW Members Profile: EVERGLOW Facts EVERGLOW (에버글로우) a girl group under Yuehua Entertainment. Taemin-175 cm. He was always a tiny bit taller than Jonghyun but his high hill shoes made him look taller. , @preciouslegayada:disqus ❤❤. Minho also wrote some parts of their song along with Jonghyun, Jonghyun, will always be my fave Shinee. Onew, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e4b7c2cd6956f607ca29d8993ec459fb3d131334a5c554e4ce5053a1ae9a9ee7.jpg, @m_i_n_e_l_l_e:disqus <3 <3 <3 Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Visual Birthday: December 9, 1991 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Hometown: Incheon, South Korea Height: 184 cm (6’0″) Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs) Blood Type: B Instagram: @choiminho_1209. He has enjoyed success in television, film, and music. Minho = 36% However, they can all speak Japanese pretty well, and Key is fluent in English. Thanks again! (Special thanks to Ÿaøį īš Įłłümįńãti ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧, Keya, Uknowhat, Elvania Nasida, ShyShawol, Precious Legayada, Jurajil, zee, wreathed, Jisoo, 샤이니, Enella Tarmann, Kim vd Linden, Issa Iza, MarkLeeIsProbablyMySoulmate, Kumajoshi, Oh Sehun ExoL, LeiLEi03, Peachie Unnie, Jae-Kail Choi, Fan Girl, Aimee Tamonan, Blueberry Pancakes, m i n e l l e, shy-nee, Carlories, WildKKnowledge, NNTwins4 Vie, jazzy bebo, ~ kihyunie <3 ~, Evangeline Dare, мaвelen ! key enlisted in the military on march 4th according to his insta, Minho will enlist soon too ): my ult bias. the most beautiful thing you could have written. Taemin is Catholic and often wears religious necklaces or bracelets. In total that equals 116%, AKA not how math works. listen , they are a team ….with their hardwork they are one…….if you say hurtful words even to one person the whole team will be hurt …they are awesome when they all are together…..so please keep your thoughts to yourself…bcz your comments are harsh and may(which i dont want) discourage them ..so please dont ever do such thing. Thank you for giving Jonghyun that special title. – Taemin was the first member in group to release a solo album, named “ACE” with title song Danger (on August 18, 2014). ugh the feels are too much. we all know that. MInho and V were in a drama called Hwarang, not movie…. Thank you. did you want to talk about the fact that minho was in the girls generation mv for gee or…? We really respect Jonghyun and thought this would be the best way we could show our respect. I will remember for what he did throughout his career, and I hope fellow shawols will too, i cant get over jonghyun’s death, ive been trying not to cry at school.